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Still suffering with your back? .....


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Sacroiliac joint pain is one of the most common forms of back pain, yet it is often overlooked or simply mistreated. If you are still suffering with your back, you could well have a sprained sacroiliac joint (SI joint). The pain tends to be one-sided, giving a deep buttock ache that can extend down the thigh, sometimes to the calf and foot.


It's normal to support a sprained ankle or wrist. Now you can get real, effective support for the SI joints.

Hands on Hip

The New SEROLA Sacroiliac Belt

Spot-on support to the SI joints, giving welcome pain relief and helping strained muscles and ligaments repair.

Serola Sacroiliac Belt
  • Cool breathable material for long wear
  • Widely used in NHS & Private Clinics [testimonials]
  • Slim, light & incredibly comfortable
  • No Bones or Buckles to dig in


The Serola SI belt can give prolonged relief, but it is not intented as a cure on its own. Skilled treatment and exercise advice is important. See [treatment] page.


" ... I must admit that when I first received the Serola Belt I was sceptical that it could help my condition. I have been under care from physiotherapists for years, with good short term help, but with the problem returning after a few days. Now I am pain free for months at a time and with a little help from my physio (who is amazed) ... and plan to stay that way.

A great product!"


R. D. Basingstoke

Stressful Job? : Widely used by builders, mechanics, police officers, vets and nurses ... occupations which are stressful by their nature. Other people, especially the self employed, simply can't take time off work.


Pregnancy? : Pre and post partum hypermobility is a misery for many women. Many maternity hospitals and physiotherapy clinics promote the Serola SI belt as the first choice for this distressing condition.


Sports Injury? : Whether professional or amateur, most sports can result in traumatic or repetitive sacroiliac injuries. Getting support is vital to getting back to your best. Serola SI belts are used by many top professional teams, e. g. Inter-Milan, Glasgow Rangers, Wigan RFU & Harlequins Rugby. Widely used in every field of activity from golf, riding, cricket, tennis, bowls and hiking. Ideal for gardening.

Rugby Player

The Serola SI Belt - The State-of-the-Art Low Back Support

£37.50 incl. VAT & mainland UK 2nd class postage & packing
Select your size (around hips) and order online now

IMPORTANT: We need your HIP measurement for the Serola Belt, NOT your waist measurement!!!


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