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Hypermobility and Pregnancy

support for hypermobile joints


Most clinicians agree its fairly easy to loosen up a tight joint, but much harder to tighten up a loose, or hypermobile joint.


Hypermobility presents a special problem. Due to their position in the body, the SI joints are under constant stress: standing, sitting … even just turning in bed. It takes time and rest for the ligaments to tighten up. The Serola Belt is designed to give specific, gentle but firm support to help the repair process, as well as giving welcome pain relief.

Pre- & Post-Partum Hypermobility: During pregnancy the hormone Relaxin acts to loosen the ligaments of the pelvis, allowing the SI joints to loosen, and thus the birth canal to widen. After childbirth, the ligaments should spontaneously re-tighten over a period of months. However, certain one sided strains & activities, e.g. holding the child on one hip, can lead to continued hypermobility.

* Serola belts are used in maternity hospitals and clinics throughout the UK.



Girl wearing Serola Belt


“..after childbirth, 147 patients used a pelvic belt…..67% reported a positive effect”

J.A Mens et al 1996

“Studies have shown that because all pelvic joints loosen during pregnancy,use of a sacroiliac belt will most likely reduce associated pain during and after pregnancy”

Snidjers et al, 1992


Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)
SPD is an extremely painful and distressing condition usually associated with late pregnancy but occasionally with trauma, such as a car accident or very heavy fall.

The symphysis pubis itself is where the two main bones of the pelvis meet at the front. A strong dense fibrocartilage connection between the bones makes a tough, springy joint which normally only moves a few degrees at most. If this is becomes torn or stretched, intense sharp pain is experienced on almost any movement.

The Serola SI Belt acts to gently stabilise the whole of the pelvis, giving gentle but firm support
to help the repair process……. as well as giving welcome pain relief.



The Serola SI Belt - The State-of-the-Art Low Back Support

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