Suffering with your low back?
The Serola Belt gives spot-on support

Sacroiliac joint pain is a very common cause of low back pain for men and women of all ages. Unfortunately it often goes unrecognised and untreated.

The problem can start with a slip or fall, but stressful occupations and activities are often to blame. Sacroiliac pain is very common during pregnancy. But often the pain just seems to come out of the blue.

Most people can get immediate help from the SEROLA Sacroiliac Belt. It gives gentle spot-on support to the low back and pelvic joints, while the body`s repair process gets to work. The Serola belt is widely used by NHS physios, chiropractors and osteopaths, it really is the Professionals choice.

This is the genuine Serola Belt, widely used in NHS Hospitals and Private Clinics alike. It works by supporting the Sacroiliac joints of the pelvis and provides welcome support in most cases of low back pain. When pain persists for more than a few days you are advised to seek an expert opinion.

 Easy to wear and adjust

 Wear over or under clothing

 Cool & breathable

 No bones or buckles to dig in

The Original Serola Belt
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Serola Belt used by Mountain Rescue Teams"As a member of Britain's busiest mountain rescue team I need to be at my best. Rescues can be long and arduous. That`s when the Serola belt is a big help. I don`t wear it all the time but it is always in my kit. When the going gets tough at the end of a long day it gives me the extra oomph to get home. Its not just about endurance, accidents happen when you`re tired. When you`re high in the mountains even a minor slip is no joke"

Joe French, Professional Mountaineer and Outdoor Film Producer / Director

Stressful Job? Serola belts are widely used in the building trade, the military and healthcare, occupations which are stressful by their nature. Many other people, especially the self employed, simply can't take time off work.

Pregnancy? Low back and sacroiliac pain is very common in pregnancy (PGD). Many NHS clinics supply Serola SI belts as the first step in treating this unwelcome condition. Serola belts are made with comfort in mind. They`re easy to wear and don`t leave you with that trussed-up feeling.

Sports Injury? Getting the right support is vital to getting back to full fitness. Serola SI belts are used by many top professional teams, e. g. InterMilan, Glasgow Rangers, Wigan RFU & Harlequins Rugby. Widely used by golfers, riders and hikers. The Serola belt is especially loved by gardeners

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