Most sacroiliac joint problems respond well to skilled examination and treatment, but hypermobile and sprained joints can be much more difficult to manage.

Using a Serola SI belt is a win - win situation. It makes treating stubborn SI problems easier for the practitioner and easier for the patient.

Predictably, belts have arrived on the market that look very “similar” to Serola belts.

Insist on the Original Serola Belt
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Which patients will benefit from the Serola Belt?

The Serola Test is a useful indicator.

1) With the client sitting, have them lift one leg up. Apply a downward pressure on the thigh and ask them to resist. Re-test with the client wearing a belt. The immediate increase in strength will indicate which SI joint(s) are compromised.

2) Now ask the client walk a few steps wearing the belt.

Suitable candidates will usually comment on the change in strength and support.

How it works: Muscles which cross joints have dual roles: postural to hold the joint steady, and dynamic for overall movement. Wearing the belt assists the postural role of the gluteals and other pelvic stabilisers, releasing more power for dynamic strength.

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